Artificial Nail Services

Enjoy Spa Treatment in Bellmore, NY

At Fantastic Day Spa, our professional nail technicians provide a full list of services to apply, fill, and remove artificial nails safely. Our treatments preserve the healthy condition of your natural nails while offering a different shape and length. Choose from classic shapes and colors or opt for something trendier to keep your manicure fresh.

Artificial Nails

(LED lights are used for Gel nails services)

Teenager Tip Set (Powder & Gel) - $35

Fiber-Glass Silk Wraps - $50

Fiber-Glass Silk Tips - $50

Fiber-Glass Silk Extension - $50

Powder & Gel Fill-in - $28

Add Silk - $2

Glue Manicure - $15+

UV Gel Extension - $50

Nail Repair/Cut Down - $4

Silk Nail Repair - $5

Long Nails - $7

UV Gel Coating - $5

Soak Off - $5

Permanent French

Silk Wraps w/ White Tips - $55

Miracle Permanent French - $60 • Fill-In - $25 • Double Fill-In - $38

UV Gel Permanent French - $70 • Fill-In - $30 • Double Fill-In - $45

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